Dr Marios Efthymiou MBBS MD FRACP

Preparation for capsule endoscopy

Preparation for capsule endoscopy (Pillcam)


Blood thinners DO NOT need to be stopped before capsule endoscopy.

If you are Diabetic you will need to take advice regarding your medication during your procedure preparation period. You should discuss this with your local doctor one week prior to your colonoscopy. The following medications should be stopped 3 days prior to your procedure: Forxiga, Xigduo XR, Jardiance, Jardiamet, Steglatro, Segluromet, Steglujan. The following medications should be stopped the day before your procedure: Metformin/Diabex/Diaformin, Gliclazide/Diamicron, Glucobay.

If you are taking Iron tablets stop these five days before your procedure


1. Day before the procedure:

Lunch: You may have a normal meal around noon.

After lunch commence the clear liquid diet.

A good combination of fluids, 2-3 cups of strained chicken noodle soup, water, clear broths, sugar-free jelly (no red or purple coloured), clear apple juice, black tea/coffee, sugar-free cordials (no red or purple flavours).

Fast for 12 hours prior to arrival time to Dr. Efthymiou’s rooms, ensure you drink a glass of water every hour during this period.

2. The day of the procedure:

Do not take any medication 2 hours before having the examination.

Wear loose fitting top of thin natural fibre such as a T-shirt and ensure it is long enough to reach the hip, as the belt will be placed around the waist and directly on the skin.

Do not wear a dress, skirt and top or trousers/shorts and top.

Once belt is fitted it may not be removed until the end of the test in Dr. Efthymiou’s rooms.

After swallowing the capsule:

You may drink a glass of water every hour.

You may have a light snack/lunch 4 hours after swallowing capsule.

Ensure the belt remains snuggly fitted to your waist and do not remove at any time.

Once you leave the office, continue your day as normal but avoid vigorous exercise.


Referral from your doctor

Medicare card

Private Health Insurance card (where applicable)

Pension Card or Health Care Card (where applicable)